A Few Remedial Measures To Reduce The Puffiness Under The Eyes

Puffy eyes are the most common thing, which happens due to various reasons like stress, age, lack of sleep, and lack of nutrients and vitamin intake. Eye bags are caused for the above reason, but too much fat can lead to droopy eyes. Having this kind of eyes can make you look tired, and dark circles around your eyes make you look sicker. So there are Methods to reduce under-eye bags (วิธี ลด ถุง ใต้ ตา, which is the term in Thai) so treatment and guidance can help in reducing puffiness.

What Is The Cause?

Various reasons lead to these droopy eyes,

Firstly, due to genetic problems, there are various glands, among which dysfunction of the endocrine gland causes too much fat accumulation and ends up in puffiness. It happens genetically.

Secondly, sleep distress also plays a vital role in creating under-eye bags, and a lack of proper sleep greatly strains our eyes. It also affects our skin, which results in wrinkles and premature aging as we are not getting proper rest.

Thirdly, too much stress, anxiety, or depression can cause this; also, drinking and smoking at an exceeding amount ends up forming under-eye bags.


Various home remedies will help in reducing these eye bags, like

  1. Using the cold compress on your eyes will help reduce inflammation, but it must be continued for a long time to get visible results.
  2. It’s better to quit smoking as excessive smoking leads to rapid collagen loss, resulting in affecting your skin. The skin around the eyes is susceptible, which affects that area at first.
  3. There are many renowned eye creams in the market that will help fade the dark spots or baggy eyes. Similarly, eye exercises are a must, preventing us from getting wrinkles or crowfeet around our eyes and reducing the effects of eye bags.

How To Get Treated?

Numerous processes and technologies will help in minimizing the fat under our eyes. This surgery will not cause any pain or bloodshed and also does not leave any scar, so it is highly recommended to patients, and the process is smooth enough to feel anything. Similarly, laser treatment is also available, which removes the bag easily through a small incision. This technology only applies to one experiencing these eye bags at an early stage.

Methods to reduce under-eye bags are many, so it’s better to take proper care of diet; enough sleep is required, which will reduce the process of forming an under-eye bag.