How To Pick The Best Jeans Style According To Your Body Shape?

Almost every woman prefers wearing denims regardless of the seasons. But, all denim types might not be perfect for everyone. You should choose your denim based on your body shape. 

If you buy your pairs of jeans carefully considering your body features, the trousers will add to your appeal and elegance. But, if you pick blindly, you might end up looking just average. 

Therefore, to stay fashion-forward and look stunning, pick jeans for women that best complement your height, curves, and other body features. For this purpose exploring the assortment of a brand like ONLY would be a wise choice as the collection includes a wide range of women’s jeans. 

Pear Shaped Body

If you have a pear-shaped body, your shoulders are shorter and your hips are wider.  Also, you are likely to have a slim waist area and a thin torso.  Therefore, you need something that makes you look more proportionate. You can try a pair of boyfriend jeans. 

These trousers come with some extra room for your thicker thighs and wider hips. Moreover, boyfriend jeans are extremely in vogue and look perfectly fashionable when worn with matching crop tops

Apple Shaped Body

Apple-shaped body refers to a body structure in which a woman is likely to have a wider bust region than the waist. So, it is necessary to wear something that establishes the balance between the upper body and lower body ratios.  

Since the lower body remains thinner in this case, you should choose bootcut jeans with an elasticized waist fit. It would augment your beauty in two ways – by making your waist look more prominent and by adding volume to your lower body. Complement your trousers with a cotton shirt and tuck it in to walk in style. 

Hourglass Body

An hourglass body shape is what every woman dreams of. It refers to a physical structure with full breasts, rounded hips, and a narrow waist. If you have an hourglass body, complement your curves by wearing jeans that will make your figure more prominent.  

Skinny jeans are inarguably the best choice for all hourglass-shaped women.  However, make sure to wear crop tops or tank tops to allow the jeans to flaunt your beautiful figure. Even if you wear a shirt, do not forget to tuck it in. 

To walk in style, you can wear a pair of high heels with skin-fit jeans. Go through the exhaustive collection of ONLY to buy skin-fit jeans in black, blue, and white tones. 

Strawberry Shaped Body

For women with strawberry-shaped bodies, straight jeans or flared jeans remain the best choice at any time. Women with this body shape generally have broad shoulders and thinner things and waist. 

Therefore, trousers that feature straight cuts generally add a little to their lower body volume adjusting for wide shoulders. You can wear casual T-shirts with straight or flared jeans to look smart.

ONLY is a reputed garment brand that keeps changing its collection of jeans for women to keep the assortment updated. With seasonal turns and fashion swings, the brand also launches new and fresh fashion garments to help every woman stay fashion-forward. Explore the gamut today to stay in vogue.