What You Need to Know About Utility Locating 

Do you have plans for repairing septic tanks, setting structural foundations or other projects that involve excavation and digging? If so, you need utility and service locating since careless digging can lead to accidents and cost more than the initial budget plan and set schedule. 

What is Utility and Service Locating?

Utility and service locating refers to the procedure of finding, mapping, and labelling public utility services such as underground electricity cables, gas pipes, traffic light circuits, and telecommunication lines. Engineering and surveying firms conduct subsurface utility investigations with innovative devices and equipment to precisely map and locate underground services.

One utility and service locating method is ground penetrating radar or GPR detection. GPR emits energy waves and uses the reflected signal to identify and find subsurface assets, even non-metal ones. GPR is a non-destructive method for locating voids, utility hole placements, underground storage tanks, plastic pipes, and non-metallic sewer lines. 

The Significance of Utility Locating

There are some key reasons why it is significant to identify utility lines and cables. One of these reasons is for safety purposes. Knowing where the wires are located may help those working on-site avoid any injuries common with live cables. Numerous injuries on building sites happen due to damaging live electrical wiring.

Utility locating is also significant for financial purposes. Working without any damage to underground utilities like wires and pipes helps contractors avoid the cost of repairs to damaged utilities. Locating utility lines and avoiding injuries among workers can help prevent delays in the construction process.

Utility service locating also helps shorten the repair time. Identifying the damaged area with a certified locator’s expertise can help urgently address any needed repairs due to old age or other environmental damage from fires, floods, earthquakes, or line strikes.

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