What Is Ulthera And Points To Consider For Ultherapy

Our skin goes through changes as we age. Wrinkles, volume loss, and suppleness decrease are all visible signs of aging. Wrinkles, volume loss, and a general lack of suppleness are some of the first telltale indications of aging skin. Now you are wondering how to fix these and what is Ulthera (Ulthera คือ ? which is the term in Thai). Ulthera is a tool for skin lifting and tightening that employs the application of concentrated ultrasonic energy.

What Is Ulthera?

The non-invasive method known as Ulthera or Ultherapy makes use of a targeted ultrasound device of high intensity. The ultrasonic applicator sends out sound waves with precisely calibrated quantities of energy, penetrating the skin and muscle fascia to its intended target. This results in an immediate tightening and lifting of the treated regions. During this therapy, you should avoid Spas and saunas for a week before treatment. The treated area may enlarge somewhat, itch, or feel sensitive to the touch in a few people. The effects are minimal and will disappear within two days.

Things To Know About Ultherapy

· Effects Of Ultherapy

Due to its thermal effects, skin in the treated regions may become flushed or red for a few hours following Ultherapy. However, this flushing subsides rapidly, leaving patients with refreshed skin. Mild swelling, tingling, or pain is also possible, although it often reduces quickly and isn’t severe. After three to six months, when new collagen reserves, the skin should be noticeably tighter and lifted.

· Not Laser Therapy

As its name implies, ultrasound is a crucial component in ultherapy. It is an alternative to laser treatments since it rejuvenates the skin from the inside. It goes under the skin’s surface and into the underlying tissues, leaving no scars or marks. This method tightens and smoothes the skin without cutting or scraping at it.

· No Recovery Time Needed

Ultherapy is non-invasive and does not need surgery. Thus the healing process is quick. After the treatment, you may resume your regular life without any restrictions. After the surgery, everyone will feel pain or discomfort to varying degrees, but it won’t be enough to slow you down.

Finale Takeaway

Consult an expert with established performance criteria for providing high-quality, risk-free care to learn more about Ultherapy. However, we recommend seeing a professional so that you may prevent any issues that may arise from your lack of knowledge.