The Manly Ensemble: Suit Tips To Slay The Game

In men’s fashion, suits are the supreme symbol of elegance and sophistication. Whether you are up for a formal event, a business meeting, or an intimate get-together with friends and family, suits can always be relied on. Now the point comes; what suits should be worn, where, and how? Different types of suit designs, types, stitches, and fabrics are used, all relevant for different occasions. Here we are discussing suit tips for men (วิธีเลือกสูทบุรุษ, which is the term in Thai), get along to claim the best look for yourself in the room.

Understanding Suit Types

Before anything else, let’s discuss the types of suits and what they look like:

Single Breasted Suit

The most popular and commonly worn suit type is the single-breasted suit. These suits have a single column of 1 to 3 buttons on it. There is a narrow overlap on the front. You can rock these suits at many events, from formal events to business parties, casual dinners, work, and meetings.

Double Breasted Suit

A more formal and exquisite style of suit is the double-breasted suit. These feature a broader front overlapping with two sets of buttons in the front. Ideal for formal events, these suits scream elegance and authority. If you want to pull off the classic, old-world charm in a get-together, go for a double-breasted suit you won’t regret.


Tuxedos are considered the epitome of formal dressing for men. Lustrous fabrics, satin lapels, and bow ties are all expected for a gentlemanly look. These super foreman suits are best for black-tie events, evening dinners, award ceremonies, and weddings.

Three-Piece Suit

The ever-so-chic three-piece suits include a jacket, trousers, and a waistcoat. These pieces of clothing exude excellence in the most sophisticated way possible. Tailored with perfection and in an art-like manner, these suits are best for events where an extra touch of sophistication is intended.

The Finesse Of Fabrics

In the adult clothing ensemble, fabrics play an important role. In formal clothing pieces, fabrics become more important. Different types of fabrics are used for suit-making. You should choose one that suits your personality, the event, and the weather conditions. Let’s discuss the fabrics tailored to your suits:

Linen: Linen is a lightweight, breezy fabric that is a good choice for your summer wardrobe ensemble. This fabric is suitable for any outdoor event. Linen suits are a go-to choice for attending a beach wedding.

Cotton: This comfortable and breathable fabric is also a good choice for getting a suit tailored for a casual or semi-formal event. However, if you choose cotton, you should know that this fabric tends to wrinkle easily.

Silk: The most opted fabric for formal suits and tuxedos, silk is a fabric that has a nice luster on it. A delicate fabric that exudes elegance and luxury but is prone to get wrinkles easily. Silk is ideal for special occasions. You look more chic and put together in the charm of silk.

Wool: The most commonly used fabric for suits is wool. Lightweight wool is used in warmer climates and summers, while heavier wool is preferred for cold regions and winter seasons. In short, wool can be worn throughout the year on various occasions and at work.

Colors, Patterns, And Accessories

Apart from tailoring and fabric, your suit’s color and pattern also matter. Colors from the formal palette, like black, browns, and grays, go well anywhere, but pastels and bold colors, like red, are mostly good for informal events. Plain suits are always good if you are still determining what patterns suit you; patterns like checks, stripes, and herringbones are some options worth trying. You can experiment with patterns if you go to a semi-formal or formal event.


Suits are the pieces of clothing that men rely on the most when it comes to elegant and formal clothing. Be it work, a formal occasion, a meeting, or a party, suits are the go-to if something needs to be planned well. However, different types and stitches of suits are worn on different occasions. You can rock any suit with good pieces of simple accessories like watches, bracelets, rings, and suitable shoes. But above all, confidence is what matters the most. If you are weaning something, be confident you’re looking good, and you’re halfway done.