Select The Best Rolex Collections Of Your Choice

The trend and fashion of wearing watches are high nowadays. We all rely on having beautiful wrists with unique looks. The best watch of the Rolex Company is none other than the Rolex Day date. It comes with the latest features and various types. Every dial has its unique discovery, so it becomes more precious too. The combination of coloured, charming, and precious metals gives unparallel elegance to this masterpiece. For more details, have a look below.


There are a variety of Rolex date watches that you can try. Some of the features are given below. Have a look below.

· Rolex Day Date 40

The model case is of Oyster, the diameter is 40mm, and the material used is platinum. It is also bezel grooved, and the double twin lock waterproof system is indulged in it. The scratch-resistant sapphire covers the date watch perfectly. It also has a water resistance power of 100 meters.

The fluted bezel used here is the symbol of distinction used for the functional purpose. The ice blue dial is the refined signature of the platinum watches. The most precious metal is used in it. Platinum is the rarest metal found, making the eye look attractive.

· Day Date 36

It is also one type of oyster steel with a 36mm diameter. It has 18-karat gold in it and is surrounded by diamonds and gold. The scratch-resistant sapphire Cyclops lenses usually cover the date. It has self-winding, mechanical and perpetual movement. It also has a bidirectional self-winding nature with a perpetual rotor. The power reserve capacity is 70 hours, and it has achieved excellent chronometer certification.

The carnelian dial used has a distinctive face of a Rolex watch. It helps with its identity and legibility too. It has unique gold features to remove tarnishing. It ensures perfection and is best suited for the wrist.

The jewellery depicts a sculptor with precious stones and supports the individual gems. These precious stones are securely fixed in platinum and gold. The beauty of Rolex watches is the precious stones used. It also can adapt the level of consistency and strength that includes refinement in finishing the metal pieces.

Bottom Line

Always remember that every Rolex watch is unique because it’s crafted by hand, which ensures impeccable quality. It is the reason that it has a limited number of production throughout. Be part of Rolex family watches and avail best always.