Learn More About the Best Month, Day and Date for Buying a New Car


One of the things that many people do not know about buying a car is that, timing is a crucial factor. Read more here, to know about the best deals chances and how timing can change or affect your decision making. Another funny thing, that you will know about buying a car is that, most of the time you are – ‘in between the devil & the deep blue sea’, if you buy quickly or hastily, then you can amiss the deal & if you wait for longer time, then inflation may hit you. So, if you are burdened with this question – best time to buy a car & when is it? Then, the simple suggestion is that, you ought to be smart, when buying a car.

Getting Convinced to Buy a Car? Points to Ponder 

You can become a victim of the sales tactics, in which the car seller’s agent shows an urgency or they create a sense of urgency, kind a trap for the buyers and mostly they fall into it and book a car. You fear that there is a chance that you might lose like a big deal on cars and so on. But here is what you can do – resist the fear & overcome it. Wait for a favourable deal. Also, you should know that there is a sales target which the car seller needs to fulfil or else they suffer. So, wait for the right time.

New Year Eve, January & Feb Are the Best Time 

During the New Years Eve, & new years day, the car dealers are strongly motivated. It can be called as end of the month/quarter, or year. And, they have a plethora of sale target which they have to complete. Also, the car manufacturers bring out the special financing options during those time, which can help you to save more bucks when purchasing a car. Next, important thing that you ought to do is research a lot. Check your desired model, research about the merits and demerits of it, after you have found out the maximum merits, then keep your finances ready & hit the dealership at the right time and materialize the deal.

Best Time to Buy a New Car 

If you have missed buying a car in the month of December, then there is nothing to worry. You can always buy a car in the month of January & February, because that’s the time when they make place for the new arrivals and can also offer a good discount and you can save money on it. Prices of the car usually goes down in the following dates – December 31st, September 30th, June 30, & March 31st. And, Monday seems to be the best pick & it is also the most blue and slow day of the week, giving more chances for relaxed shopping.