Enamel Paint And Everything You Need To Know About It

When it comes to coloring the houses of modern times, enamel paint (สี น้ำมัน, which is the term in Thai) has been the most preferable. This painting comes with both qualitative as well as quantitative values. In simple terms, it can be said that enamel paint is a kind of protective layering that is coated on metal surfaces. The composition of the enamel paint consists of white lead oil, some kind of resinous materials, and petroleum spirit.

Key Features Of Enamel Paint

The following are the primary key features of enamel paint:-

  • Enamel paint is resistant to fading and corrosion based on the color shade that one is choosing
  • It can be applied well on steel, concrete as well as various other hard surfaces
  • One needs to wait at least 24 hours to let the enamel paint dry
  • If a surface is painted with this paint, then the surface can be easily cleaned with the help of a damp sponge.

Enamel Paint Usages

Some of the effective usages of enamel paint are mentioned below and discussed thoroughly:

· For Kitchen Appliances

Using liquid enamel paint to cover small scratches in kitchen appliances such as stovetops and refrigerators can also help. One of the main reasons to use this paint on wooden surfaces is that it lasts longer than any other kind of paint.

· For Metal

Coating them with enamel paint is an ideal choice to get an everlasting finish on metal. Besides this, the paint also offers protection from potential corrosion, fading, and even chipping at times.

· For Floors

People often prefer using enamel paint on their home garage floors. This is because the paint can stick strongly to the concrete leaving very glossy flooring behind.

· For Wood

Using enamel paint on any wooden surface will give it a new fresh look. This is because enamel paint is resistant to moisture and is known to offer a thick coating of protection against any kind of dents, scratches, or mishaps.


In short chemistry language, it can be simply said that enamel paint is nothing but a good composition of a base coat and a colorant, both of which react well enough to form a strong chemical bond. This thereby results in the creation of resistance to several weathering factors, be it heat or even cold. Thus, these are all the information that was there to know about enamel paint.