A Guide to Crafting the Perfect Cocktail Party

Crafting a perfect plan is essential if you want to host a successful cocktail party. As you know, food and drink are crucial for any cocktail party, and your plans and execution are indispensable to having a cocktail party that will linger in the attendees’ memories. To craft the perfect cocktail party of your dreams, here is a guide to help you. Read more.

1. Create a Cocktail Menu

The first step is to create a list of all the drinks that will be available at the party. Be as creative as possible by including a well-known cocktail that your guests will look forward to having at the party. Examples of popular cocktails include whiskey sour, dry Martini, Negroni, gin and tonic, Daiquiri, and lots more.

2. Plan for Self-Serve Refills

Arrange standing cocktail tables strategically throughout the party venue, with chilled cocktail pitchers in the centre. Select three cocktail recipes best suited for pitchers, like sangria, mimosas, or margaritas. Pre-chill the drinks in batches and ensure to refrigerate carbonated mixers until needed.

3. Choose the Right Cocktail Glasses

Go through your drink menu for the party when choosing the glassware for the event. Choose the perfect glasses for each drink on your menu. For instance, choose flutes for champagne, martini glasses for daiquiris and martinis, highball glasses for gins and tonics, and rock glasses for classic old-fashioned, Negronis, and mint juleps.

4. Hire an Experienced Bartender or Mixologist

The best way to save yourself the stress of serving guests is to hire a bartender or mixologist who is gifted with crafting the perfect cocktail. An experienced bartender can light up the party with a skilled performance by employing juggling techniques and pyrotechnics using liquor bottles and bar tools at the event. Besides, ask some friends or family members to help serve food or hire professionals.

5. Consider Entertainment

It will be nice to have light upbeat music play in the background as the party continues. This will help prevent boredom and add dynamics to the event. The music should not be loud to interrupt discussions.

6.  Arrange After Hours Alcohol Delivery

Nothing makes a party lose its energy as inadequate liquor. Irrespective of your preparation for the supply of alcohol, you should keep in mind to plan for after hours alcohol delivery. This will serve as a backup and give the party a happy ending.


Never run out of alcohol at a cocktail party. Include after hours alcohol delivery in your plan for your dream cocktail party. It is a pleasant way to surprise your guests when it seems you are running out of alcohol. The steps above will undoubtedly help you craft the perfect cocktail party you have always desired.